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Our YouTube Is unlocked! We Celebrate With

Masks and Vax: HISTORY DEFINING moment for the People

4/23/21: Forced VAX HAPPENING IN CA

We Are Currently BANNED On YouTube for spreading the TRUTH about Vaccines. In the meantime, read and SHARE this: 18 Reasons I Won't Be Getting a Covid Vaccine

Covid Vaccine, Vaccine, Heard Immunity, Project Give a Shit, Project GAS

4/19/21: Newest Ep:

Give a S.H.I.T! About Vaccines

April 15th,  2021

Democrats to introduce legislation to add four Supreme Court justices

project give a shit, project gas, packing the court, democrats want court packed, supreme court

April 10th, 2021

DMX Received Covid Vaccine Days Before Heart Attack – Family Says NO DRUGS!

DMX, Covid Vaccine, Phizer, Moderna, project Gas

March 25th, 2021

Suez Canal, Ship stuck in Egypt, Russia and US, Project Give a Shit

US and Russian Warships Involved

February 25th BREAKING NEWS

Syria, airstrikes, Biden airstrikes, iranian airstrike

The strike was approved by President Joe Biden, two officials told Reuters, and comes after a series of rocket attacks against US targets in Iraq. 


Federal Reserve Internal System Crash, Just A Bug? Or A Sign Of Instability?

Federal Reserve Internal System Crash, Just A Bug? Or A Sign Of Instability?


2021-02-25 3 min read


Biden Exposes Himself In Wisconsin Town Hall

Biden Exposes Himself With Lies, Racist Remarks and Weak Stance On China In Wisconsin Town Hall


2021-02-20 6 min read

February 24th Breaking News

Federal Reserve crash, economy crash, fed collapse, project give a shit, project gas

Is it "Happening?"

Supreme Court, Election Cases thrown out, Trump election, project give a shit, project gas

Feb 22nd Breaking News

Supreme Court Makes Major Decisions That All Hinder Trump Today

Clarence Thomas Wrote that the court was inviting “further confusion and erosion of voter confidence” by not taking up the issue.

Trump Tax returns, supreme court ruling, project give a shit, project gas

#26: "Think About It Logically... Military Is The Only Way"

February 19th Breaking News

Paris Climate agreement, paris climate accords, Joe Biden Executive Order, Project give a shit

Joe Biden Signs Executive Order Returning the United States To The Paris Climate Accord

Executive Order Number 53.  In Biden's First Month In Office

Paris Climate Agreement, Paris Climate Accords, Joe Biden, Climate Change, project give a shit

Dr.Shiva Ayudari Breaks Down The Paris Climate Scam

February 17th Breaking News

Radio Icon Rush Limbaugh Passed away at 70 years old after losing his battle with lung cancer.

Former president Donald Trump breaks his media silence by honoring Rush's legacy on Fox News today.

Face book, face book bans news in australia, project give a shit, project gas

February 17th Breaking News

Facebook says Australia "fundamentally misunderstands" its relationship to news.

Getty Images:Mark Zuckerberg speaks at the Munich Security Conference in 2020.

Texas, Winter storm, wind turbines frozen, project give a shit, project gas

February 16th Breaking News

"Spot electricity prices in Texas soared 3,466% from Friday, according to data compiled by Bloomberg."

New Additions to Project Give A S.H.I.T!


China, US Election, Mike Lindell, Project Give A Shit, Project GAS

Feb 4th, 2021: BREAKING NEWS

Mike Lindell Releases Bombshell Report Tying China to US Election Fraud

Mike Lindell Releases 48 Page Document Tying Biden and China to US Election Fraud.

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Damn. Dont ket their deaths be in vain
Stop them all now


NEWS OF THE DAY - 1/23/21 :

Larry King, World Renown, Syndicated Radio & TV News Commentator & Host, Died Today, at age 87

He apparently had respiratory complications and was hospitalized with covid-like symptoms.

A year ago, he interviewed our own Dr. Ron Paul on his show for the last time. Please watch and enjoy a couple of old timers talking politics.

It is refreshing to watch.


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