Biden Exposes Himself In Wisconsin Town Hall

Biden Exposes Himself With Lies, Racist Remarks and Weak Stance On China In Wisconsin Town Hall



2021-02-20 6 min read

Joe Biden held a town Hall in Wisconsin on Wednesday night which aired on CNN and a lot was revealed about Joe Biden's political stances. Though out the course of the town hall, a lot was revealed about what could be considered major shortcomings of Joe Biden's Presidency. Within the span of only about an hour Biden made lied about things easily disprovable, made racist implications, and basically told the World that the ethical cleansing of an entire race should remain uncontested Internationally. Here is a short list highlighting important things that happened at the Town Hall.

Flat Out Lie: “we got into office and found out…there was nothing in the refrigerator"

-Joe Biden

Joe Biden Vaccine, Project give a shit, project gas

Joe Biden Receiving Second Phizer Shot on Jan 11th, 2021

In the Town Hall, Anderson Cooper asked Joe Biden when things will return to normal, referring to the lockdowns that are still very present in many states across the US. Biden spent the next 7 minutes giving a long muttered, drawn out response that ultimately shaped up to a non answer. The very first thing Biden said though was that: “we got into office and found out…there was nothing in the refrigerator" This statement of course, was clearly false, and part of a continued effort to continue to shift the blame of COVID19 on to the previous administration. Biden adopted two vaccines, each with tens of millions of doses when he entered office, in fact before his presidency even began he received both doses of the Phizer shot. Biden's lie on the vaccines went completely uncontested by Town Hall host Anderson Cooper and was completely ignored by CNN fact checkers.

Racist Remark: "Not everybody, particularly in the Hispanic and the African American community... knows how to get online to find out how to get in line..."

-Joe Biden

Joe Biden, Charlemagne, you aint black, project gas, project give a shit,

Joe Biden when he appeared on Charlemagne's podcast

During the Town Hall, Joe Biden was asked by a Wisconsin resident about access to vaccines in her area. Joe Biden spent the next 2 1/2 minutes giving another long, somewhat discombobulated response that had one sentence in it that is raising a lot of eyebrows in POC communities.  The entire quote was as followed:

"A lot of people don't know how to register Not everybody, particularly in the Hispanic and African American Communities, particularly in Rural Areas that are distant, and/or inner city districts, know how to get online to determine how to get inline at the Walgreens or at the particular store."

This also went on completely ignored by CNN other left leaning media conglomerates. Its something that didn't go unnoticed though as the most common thread among the hashtag: #Biden on Twitter is people sharing their disgust with this comment. This wasn't the first time Biden made a racist remark, infant Biden has a long history of generating racial tension. Recently in the 2020 Election, Biden had to apologize for a remark he made on the Charlemagne Podcast because he remarked "If you don't know who to vote for whether it be Trump or me, then you aint black." When he was asked to present reasons why people should him.

Biden arguing for the 94 Crime Bill on the Senate Floor.

Prior to his Vice Presidency with the Obama Administration, Biden's biggest achievement in politics was authoring the 94 crime bill. The bill created mandatory minimums for third offenses in the legal system, so a lot of people, usually POC in poor neighborhoods, ended up in the prison system for ten years or even longer for what were once minor drug offenses. Worse than even authoring the bill, when presenting it to the Senate, Biden made fiery speeches with bold statements like:

"there are predators in our streets who were beyond the pale”

and said they:  

"must be cordoned off from the rest of society because the justice system did not know how to rehabilitate them."

Biden proudly stood behind the creation of the 94 Bill, and well into his Vice Presidency with Barrack Obama called it the "Joe Biden Bill." Biden also recently had another racial gaffe when he said "Poor Kids are just as bright as White kids" during his run for the nomination in the 2019 Presidential Primaries. These racist quotes are part of a growing list of comments made by Biden that go on completely ignored by the mass media.

In Response To Concentration Camps in China.
Biden said:

“Culturally, there are different norms that each country and their leaders are expected to follow...”

Perhaps the biggest example Biden laid out for the American people for how he is falling short as a leader during the town hall was his response to Anderson cooper's questioning on the United States and their foreign relations with China. Cooper directly addressed one of the biggest international issues the World is facing today by simply asking "What about the Uyghrs?" 

Cooper was of course referring to the concentration camps of Uyghr Muslims that China openly runs, holding captive as many as 1.5 million people. As seen in the news package on the right, NBC highlights that China presents the Uyghurs as well taken care of, but China has not been able to hide much of their atrocities. Camp escapees have detailed rape, forced sterilization, and execution.  Adrian Zans, a German researcher featured in the aforementioned news package details the concentration camps as "The largest internment of an ethnic or religious minority since the Holocaust."

NBC Nightly News Investigates The Uyghur Muslim Interment Camps in the news package above.

Biden Began his defense of China by explaining that he just got off the phone with Xi Jinping and the Chinese Prime Minister explained :
“If you know anything about Chinese history, it has always been, the time when China has been victimized by the outer world is when they haven’t been unified at home,”

Biden expanded with:

“So the central — well, vastly overstated — the central principle of Xi Jinping is that there must be a united, tightly controlled China. And he uses his rationale for the things he does based on that.”

After some detailing of Chinese History, Biden bookended his defense of China's Ughyr camps with: 

“Culturally there are different norms that each country and their leaders are expected to follow."

That answer was enough of a non answer for Cooper to push so, he asked Biden how the US would stand up to China, and Biden responded with:

“We would reassert our role as spokespersons for human rights at the UN and other agencies.”

These statements were a very different tone than the Trump administration. Most notably, after Trump left office, Trump's Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo was banned from China for his comments on the Uyghr camps. Something left unmentioned by Biden's administration and one of many signals that Biden is trying to smooth over relations between the United States and China. Another noteworthy attempt at signaling unity between the US and China was when Joe Biden passed an executive order banning the words China and Virus in a sentence together. Something that many consider to be a breach in the first amendment.

Biden's weak and sympathetic stance on such an internationally recognized issue which effects millions of people is not going uncontested in American politics. 

Rep Ilhan Omar, stop uyghur genocide, project give a shit, project gas

Representative Ilhan Omar voiced her opposition to the genocide in China with her above tweet.

Washington Representative Ilhan Omar voiced her opposition to the genocide on Twitter, something the twitter page stopughurgenocide retweeted. Upon visiting the page, visitors will be greeted with every tweet featuring either a video highlighting the atrocities happening in the camps, videos featuring crying Uyghur children saddened or crying in China, or articles detailing the issues Ugyhurs face. But most notably in regards to this article, every single post by this page is tagging Joe Biden in twitter, and no one from the Biden State department has even acknowledged  any of this to date.

In closing, 80 years ago the entire World went to War with the axis powers for their invasion of their neighboring countries. The concentration camps were discovered after World War II had already begun. Now, in 2021, the World is well aware of the Chinese atrocities that are occurring, and the only military super power able to stand up to China, has a President with business dealings with China playing dismissing these atrocities by describing them as cultural differences. 

Throughout this town hall, Biden presented evidence of he being a liar, racist, and now not interested in even standing up against the biggest human genocide in 50 years. Even CNN could not save Joe Biden from himself in this Town Hall. The Emperor has lost his clothes, and the American People are waking up to this disappointment. 

Written By: Tyler Wiest

Project GAS Writer/Producer

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