FBI Leaving No Stone Unturned in their search for every single person involved in the Capital Riot.

The FBI's Extensive Search for those involved in the Capital Riot is a scary show of force by the Government agency.



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Above: Photo of Capita1 Riot posted by Fox29 Philadelphia

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On January 6th of 2021 Washington DC was rocked by a chaotic event which shocked the World. Hundreds of thousands of Patriots met in DC to watch Donald Trump speak, and by the end of the day, a few hundred angry rioters had the entire group of nearly one million patriots who gathered seemingly forever marred as insurrectionists, terrorists or even white supremacists. The aftermath of this event has led to an oversimplification of the description of the event by the Media, as well as a Nation wide witch hunt for a growing list of people who had once harmless ideologies.

According Steven D’Antuono, assistant director of the FBI “The FBI would leave no stone unturned for this investigation.”
The FBI  has even now added a tab for Capitol Violence in their most wanted page on their website where they added a tip line as well as a tip website where people can out anyone involved in any capacity at the capitol riot. A few sad instances of outing those guilty of being at the capital riot have occurred.

One such instance was where a child outed his own father, and then was later interviewed on CNN to then promote their crowdfunding campaign in order to pay for his college education, now that his father was rotting in federal prison.

Additional to the tip lines and their most wanted additions to their website the FBI’s manhunt for those involved in the riot has extended beyond its initial focus of those involved in violence. The FBI has been releasing screenshots of videos of people inside the Capitol, leaving little or no room for a gray area. Regardless of there being resistance at entry or an invitation being granted by officers, like as seen in the video below:

Everyone caught is being charged bare minimum with US code 18 1752 (Knowingly Entering…) US Code 40 5105 - (Violent Entry...) and US Code 18 231 (Obstruction of Law Enforcement...)
Something that is defensible with the above video, however, scarier still is the FBI is combing the social media accounts of those they arrest, and using any posts prior to the Capital riot as evidence of intended violent action.

Since the FBI is still using extensive resources in pursuing those involved a few scary incidents which exemplify the extent of their reach are coming to light. Three such examples are of Las Vegas residents Nathan DeGrave, Ronald Sandlin and Boise Idaho resident Josiah Colt. The three men were arrested and charged with the aforementioned 3 US Codes, all felonies, for simply appearing in a video where they were walking inside the US Capital. According to Colt from Boise, he did not intend to harm anyone, in a statement he released ti KVBT in Idaho:

I didn’t hurt anybody, didn’t take anything, didn’t break anything,” Colt told the station. “My intention was just to go there to have my voice heard. I do love America. Like I said, I apologize. I do not condone the violence that happened there. It is tragic, it breaks my heart about what that turned into."

I went there because I love America and my intention was just to have my voice heard along with a lot of other people,” he said. “For me I just wanted my voice heard about having fair elections, and yeah, it turned into something that really tragic and that I did not want to happen at all.”

The men from Las Vegas, Sandlin and Degrave who were found and charged thanks to the same video footage, had their once harmless social media posts used against them in court. Degrave posted on his Facebook prior to the Jan 6th event:

it’s time the American people rise and stand up for this country. We’re tired of the corruption.

DeGrave’s case has been made public by the Las Vegas Sun, their arresting officer was special agent was Paul J West.

The above examples were 3 people charged with being inside the capital with video evidence of people inside, however, not everyone arrested even made it inside the building, at least with enough proof to charge them with doing so. Perhaps the highest profile person arrested for their involvement in the riot on Jan 6th, was Brandon Straka.

Straka founded the #WalkAway campaign, which aimed to support ex patriots of the Democratic Party and often organized protests in opposition of the left and in support of the right recorded his own involvement with the Capitol riot. In Straka’s now taken down video, Straka at one point says “Go go go” while in the crowd of people, and according to the FBI that was enough to charge him in the incitement of the riot, which had already been occurring. Allegedly, there is also footage found elsewhere where during a skirmish with an officer Straka was heard off camera saying to “Take his shield” and similar to the aforementioned cases with the 3 gentlemen caught on camera in the capitol, Straka’s social media account was used against him in the evidence gathered for his case.

Straka said on Twitter: "It was freedom-loving Patriots who were DESPERATE to fight for the final hope of our Republic because literally, nobody cares about them. Everyone else can denounce them. I will not."

Brandon Straka seems to be one of many who are now sitting in Federal prison in order to be made an example of for the Conservative movement. The only 3 words uttered on his camera implicating him are the words “Go go go” in the middle of a riot already occurring, and on somebody else’s camera, he is believed to be ordering a crowd to take an officer's shield. Worse yet, to implicate him further, Straka has tweets supporting the protests, an act now viewed as heinous by mass media.

While Straka sits in federal prison for “inciting a riot” while already in one, there is another activist who did much worse on January 6th, who got very different treatment from law enforcement. John Sullivan.

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Photohraphed Above: John Sullivan

Sullivan broke a window at the Capital and climbed through it, and on video is seen inside the Capital stating:

“Let’s go. This shit is ours! Fck yeah,' “We accomplished this shit. We did this together. Fck yeah! We are all a part of this history,' and 'Let’s burn this shit down.”

Worse yet, Sullivan nearly made it to the entrance of the senate floor, and actually was the person who recorded the shooing of Ashli Babbit. Last summer, Sullivan organized a BLM protest in Provo Utah with other groups including a local ANTIFA chapter. An event which led to a motorist being shot, and a protester being arrested. After being captured by the FBI for his involvement in the Jan 6th protest, he has been released without bail. 

As a journalist, sometimes I have to re-read something multiple times before it clicks, this one I had to re-read, so for the sake of clarity, let me retype. Branden Straka said “Go go go”, and never made it inside of the building that we know of, and he is sitting in federal prison. Sullivan, said “Let’s burn this shit down” and was inches away from being shot right outside the Senate
Chambers, and he gets to walk free without bail.

The biggest difference here is Straka organizes protests against the left, and Sullivan has organized protests in support of causes the left supports. I would also like to note, no one was ever shot at any of the protests organized by straka.

The FBI’s crackdown is part of an effort to put out the embers of what they call an attempted insurrection by going after everyone involved and throwing the book at them, unless they were affiliated with a left leaning organization. However, even with the mass media’s assertion of this being a terroristic act, the journalist in me, who has interviewed multiple people who were there on the day of the event, knows that this was just like any other protest. A big passionate yet messy event, with some very angry people involved.

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