HR 127: Gun Control Bill "Insanity On Steroids"

H.R. 127 is a registration system introduced by Sheila Jackson Lee last month. The system will track the make, model, and serial number of all firearms, their owners, the dates they were acquired, and where they are being stored.



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In May of 2018, a Pakistani exchange student named Sabika Sheikh,was gunned down by Dimitrios Pagourtzis, a 16 year old who lost his cool in an argument at Santa Fe High School, in Santa Fe Texas. Sheikh was one of three who lost their lives in this shooting, as well as 13 others who were shot and wounded by Pagouritzis. This was a tragic story of a wonderful opportunity for an amazing connection made by a Muslim Family in Pakistan, and a Fundamental Christian Family in The United States, severed by senseless violence, motivated by unhinged anger and lack of self control of a pubescent teenager.

An article that details the wonderful experience Sabika had in the United States with her sponsor family, as well as the tragic end of her life is featured in great detail in an article written by Skip Hollandsworth of the Texas Weekly here. Representative of the district Santa Fe resided in, the 18th congressional district of Texas, Sheila Jackson Lee could not allow such a thing to occur again. But, she did't take action at the local level, she aimed her sights as high as they could go, after the 2nd Amendment at the National level. 

Sabika Sheikh, exchange student who lost her life in a school shooting in 2018, featured above

sheila jackson, hr 127,gun control, 2a, project give a shit, gas project

Photographed above, Rep Sheila Jackson Lee of the 18th Congressional District of Texas

In the about section of Sheila Jackson Lee's Government website, Sheila Jackson was described with the paragraph as an introduction to her history as a Representative:

"Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee is an influential and forceful voice in Washington.  She is serving her eleventh term as a member of the United States House of Representatives. She represents the 18th Congressional District of Texas, centered in Houston, which is the energy capital of the world.  Considered by many as the “Voice of Reason”, she is dedicated to upholding the Constitutional rights of all people."

Normally, a Democratic representative wouldn't put the words "Constitutional rights" front and center, but her residing within deep red Texas could have something to do with the lingo. Upon reading her biography on the site, it is clear she has an illustrious career as the Representative of the 18th congressional seat in Texas. She has gone 14 terms at the seat and while doing so she was involved in many committees, and supported many Democratic bills. Perhaps most impressively she served as the Chair Woman for the Homeland Security On Transportation Security and Infrastructure Protection Subcommittee. 

Aside from her longevity of service, and positions held on important committees her track record of presenting and passing bills does not share the same rate of success. In her entire, 14 year history of Congress, only 7 of her presented Bills had ever passed into law (Link to passed bills here).  As one could see by the previous link provided, none of her Bills have really made much a of a difference, two notable examples are securing a local trail to federal land, and the renaming of a Texas Post Office.

In recent years, Lee changed her once moderate tune to a much more radical one. Prior to the presentation of her latest bill, on January 3rd of 2021 Lee reintroduced her once shut down bill H.R.41, the RESCUE Act for Black and Community Banks, a bill aiming to fund a committee to research how to appropriately acquire reparations for African Americans in the United States. On this go around of the Bill, Lee has been garnering more support. According to the Black Enterprise:

"Jackson’s H.R.40 bill will allow and fund a formal commission to study and develop reparation proposals for the African American Act. While the bill has received support from House Democrats, many Republicans including Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) have shown strong opposition to the legislation."

Perhaps McConnell aimed to support such a radical Bill in order to signal unity with the Democratic Party. McConnell, in a real pickle as the now minority leader, who can't go back on his revocation of Trump's supporters, and one of the rare few who aims to "save the Republican Party" by playing ball with the Democrats. This signaling by McConnell may have triggered something much more radical than funding a committee to research Reparations for Black People in the United States, the green light for the Democrats to Introduce the most draconian Gun Bill in 25 years, HR 127.

HR 127, sheila jackson lee, gun control, 2a, Sabika Sheikh, project give a shit, gas project

As stated in the Bill, "This Act My Be Cited As The"Sabika Sheikh Firearm Licensing and Registration Act." However, as established in the introduction of this article, the tragic murder of Sabika Sheikh happened in 2018, in Lee's district. Did Lee spend almost 3 years drafting a 19 page article? 

Really a sad showing considering such a tragedy occurred that evoked the creation of this bill. Lee could have spent more time investing time in preserving the legacy of the victims of the shootings and the child that shared the name of the Bill had she developed something more reasonable and focussed on what had actually occurred on that sad day.

Even Harder to believe the bill's short length considering in just a few months Pelosi and the Democratic Party was able to assemble a 5,593 page Omnibus Bill in December of 2020. One which McConnell forced through against the Veto of Trump, completely disregarding the American People.

Lee, at no other point in history would have such a chance passing the Constitutionally tone deaf Bill. Like most of the Bills Lee had presented, this one would have been dead on arrival.

2a, hr 127, sheila jackson lee, project give a shit, gas project

It is very clear in the language in the Bill, that Lee is not hiding Constitutional Overreach. The Bill would require all gun owners to report the serial numbers of their firearms to a public registry with in 3 months of the Bill passing. This registry would not only be accessible by Government agencies, but also by the general public, like a sex offender website. 

Important questions are already being raised, like, would this public site include which guns are with which people? Would they include the addresses of those who own guns? Who would be enforcing this?

Well, according to the Bill, the oversight of the potential Law's future implementation would go to the ATF. An agency that has been no stranger to strong arming gun shops all across the country, especially in States like California and New York.

Much worse than reporting of which guns are owned, the Bill would also require every single state to implement a requirement for licensing of gun owners. This would change huge aspects of gun ownership such as now requiring all gun owners to be at least 21 years of age. Requiring all gun owners to pay an annual fee to maintain ownership of their firearms, as well as maintain firearm insurance and each gun owner attend an 8 hour gun training course each time they must renew their license. However, the scariest part of the Bill yet, requiring all gun owners to go through a psychological evaluation.

If a gun owner doesn't pass the evaluation, they would have to submit their guns to the Government, by threat of force. If you are still wondering what they could do to you if you don't abide by the new laws that may be put in place, just read the section laying out the worst punishments on the last page of the Bill. 

"Whoever knowingly violates section 12 922(dd)(1) shall be fined not less than $50,000 and not 13 more than $100,000, imprisoned not less than 10 years 14 and not more than 20 years, or both. 15 ‘‘(B) Whoever knowingly violates section 922(dd)(2) 16 shall be fined not less than $10,000 and not more than 17 $25,000, imprisoned not less than 1 year and not more 18 than 5 years, or both."

A spokesman from The Citizens Committee For The Right To Keep and Bear Arms called the bill "Insanity on Steroids" and further commented with:

“we’ve seen some astonishingly bad legislation originate on Capitol Hill, but this one takes the term ‘abomination’ to an entirely new level. One look at this bill and you wonder whether Congresswoman Jackson Lee ever heard of the Bill of Rights, which includes the Second Amendment.”

Insanity on Steroids might even be an understatement for how far this Bill goes to end Gun Ownership by threat of "Not Less than 50,000" in fines and "Not Less Than 10 years" in prison. Sadder still, this Bill is being presented under the guise of protecting children by choosing the name of a Pakistani Exchange student, gunned down under the nose of Sheila Jackson's Lee. 

Lee, instead of acting quickly to honor the passing of the student, she waited until the United States was at the most vulnerable it has been in many decades in order to act. Right now the US has Joe Biden, a President which is by his own definition:

“things you can’t do by executive order unless you are a dictator. We’re a democracy, we need consensus.”
-Joe Biden, October of 2020

Is acting as a dictator, The Dems for the first time in decades, have a President, the house, and have at least tied with the Senate Seats. The party is making a few huge power moves with presenting DC as a potential future state, as well as VP Kamala Harris who had once eluded that packing the Supreme Court was not out of the question, a question she very notably plead the 5th for during the VP debate of 2020. With all these potential power grabs on the horizon from the Democratic Party, it is starting to make sense as to why there is a giant fence around Washington DC, and why the Democratic leadership continues to hold the National Guard Hostage, sleeping in a parking garage with one bathroom.

National Guard, Washington DC, Democrats Are scared, Project give a shit, gas project

With all this information, and the sheer terrifying nature of this bill as well as its timing, it is safe to assume, this is it. This could be the final dagger into the heart of the Second Amendment. Average Americans would be subject to a decade in prison if they do not submit to these draconian measures of control.

Historically in the 20th Century alone measures of Gun control to this extent have often preceded great tragedy. Most notably perhaps was Adolf Hitler's "Seizure of assets which grant means of self protection." To those of Jewish ancestry. A gross overreach of power detailed in the book Gun Control and the Third Reich, by Stephen P. Halbrook. In this book, it highlights how closely gun confiscation preceded the kidnapping and relocation of the Jewish People to Concentration Camps in Germany.

In closing, the left spent 4 years calling Donald Trump a Nazi unfit to be President, then in less than a month the left presents a Bill That would effectively infringe on our basic rights more than any other Bill Presented onto the entire US populous. This is one that would absolutely be met with resistance by the American People, and its one hope doesn't lead to more bloodshed. 

Written By: Tyler Wiest
Project GAS writer

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